Stitch Master was officially formed in April 2004 by Thomas Nakazawa. After finding that is was nearly impossible to find someone locally to produce custom embroidered items for his many interests, Mr. Nakazawa purchased his first embroidery machine and with nothing more than an idea and drive to provide the highest quality and customer service, the Stitch Master concept was conceived.

Operating initially out of his garage and experiencing a steady increase in demand for his products, it became apparent that the current site was not large enough and the company was moved to a larger site in 2009. After only two years at its new, larger, location and with still increasing demand it once again became apparent that more space was needed. In 2011 the company moved to its current location and has options of expanding operations without relocation.

Stitch Master provides a wide variety of products ranging from custom embroidery, appliques, screen printing, digital printing, heat applications, rhinestone applications and corporate promotional products.

In addition to its retail consumer base, Stitch Master has an extensive corporate, institution and organization base. This ranges from local businesses, educational organizations, medical facilities and social and professional groups.

Currently, Stitch Master is a nationwide Greek Licensee for a variety of social and professional fraternities and sororities focusing primarily on the state of California.

The success of Stitch Master can singularly be attributed to its mission of providing superior quality, individualized customer service all at a competitive price. Whether it’s one item or five hundred, the same attention to detail and care is applied.

As an example of Stitch Master’s community presence, it was featured in the Fresno Bee’s 2012 People’s Choice Awards as its “Hidden Gem”